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Debian Warns Of Hyper Threading Issue With Intel Sky/Kaby Lake CPUs

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    Originally posted by BaronHK View Post
    Fedora's policy states clearly that firmware is not considered software, so by the Fedora guidelines, it is free software only, and I agree with those guidelines over the FSF, so to me, Fedora is fully free, and many people would agree.
    If what you say is true, then the cognitive dissonance in Fedora is worse than I thought.

    The saying goes that you are entitled to your own opinion (like for example that proprietary software running on an auxiliary processor is more acceptable than proprietary software running on the main CPU), but you are not entitled to your own facts.
    And it is a 100% undisputed fact that the firmware contains instructions which are executed by one of the many processors in your system. They form a computer program. And therefore, given the nature of how these computer programs are implemented, they are clearly software.

    Many firmware licenses even explicitly forbid decompiling or disassembling this "non-software" for crying out loud! If it weren't software, how could you decompile or disassemble it?


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      Well, i have a Kaby Lake CPU with HT on and i'm yet to encounter any bugs. It works fine.

      Debian tries to change subject because they became a laughing stock by releasing broken install images after 26 months of development.
      BTW Debian's policy on freedom is ridiculous. They provide you with a ton of non-free packages in contrib and non-free and at the same time in the year of 2017 your wi-fi doesn't work out of the box because it requires firmware. Lol what a joke.