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14-Way Intel/AMD Benchmarks On Ubuntu 17.04 + Linux 4.10

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    Originally posted by VikingGe View Post
    But my point stands, it's slow, and often (again, not always) my 19W Kaveri notebook does a lot better, and totally blows it out of the water in single-threaded tasks when the 3.3 GHz turbo mode kicks in, which the Athlon simply doesn't have.
    It is not slow it is actually fastest in its design, Kabini and Kaveri were entirely different designs and different markets... only Kabini is real low power Desktop design and that Athlon is actually top performant of Cat design.

    Together with mobile so in whole Kaveri's types of APU are in range of 17W to 95W TDP chips, while Kabini or Cat type goes even from below 4W up to 25W. On mobile space Kaveri would be only mobile APU, but Kabini is ultra mobile design goes even into tablet space... different category is that

    I know you will beat on proper configuration top thier Cat against lowest powerd mobile Kaveri with turbo in singlethread tasks, that is expected But neither one of these APUs are into performance segment, you can always find more performant things than these when only performance matters.
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      Originally posted by Michael View Post

      Hey 7oby! I hadn't realized the OpenSSL release had introduced those improvements, so yes, will update the test profile -- probably to 1.1 now.
      Thanks for updating to 1.1.0:

      As you can see the hand crafted assembler optimizations do make quite a difference on different systems:
      CPU OpenSSL 1.0.1g OpenSSL 1.1.0f
      AMD EPYC 7601 3306.37 4598.47
      2x Intel Xeon Gold 6138 4826.70 7965.40

      The AMD plattform gains factor 1.39 while the intel CPU in this specific scenario gains 1.65.