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    I am currently using an ASRock ConRoe865PE and it works very good on linux. It is based on the good old Intel 865 chip using DDR1 ram and works nicely with my old AGP graphics card. Everything I tested so far works nicely. The only thing I did not test is onboard audio. The bios is not usable if you want to overlock, but for everyday usage it is perfect. Here is a lonk to the Product itself:
    The board works perfectly with the vanilla Kernel I am using. All 2.6.18.* Kernel did work nicely, too.


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      What cpu do you have in that system?


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        I am using a Core2Due 6400 with my old 2x512MB DDR400 ram from MDT (a German company). I am also still using my ancient ATI Radeon 9800Pro with 128MB ram that is nicely supported by the opensource r300 drivers.


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          That motherboard and the Aus P5PE-VM I believe are indentical except for the video and the number of slots.

          I'm kinda leaning towards either the E4300 or E6300 on the Asus P5PE-VM so I can reuse my memory and video card.


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            I purchased a Core 2 Duo E4300 and an Asus P5PE-VM motherboard. The motherboard is based on the 865G chipset from Intel.

            A quick kernel compile benchmark compared to my Sempron64 2.4G system:

            Common Hardware
            7600GS OC 512M AGP Video Card
            2x512MB Kingmax Dual Channel DDR400 2.5-3-3-7
            SB Live! Value
            Hauppage WinTV PVR150 TV/capture card
            TD-101 Slim Case
            Enermax 420W PSU
            Panasonic DVD-RW DVR-105
            Seagate 250G PATA on the SATA controller using a PATA to SATA converter
            Linux Mint 2.1(Ubuntu Edgy derivative)

            Kernel 2.6.19 make -j 3 for E4300 and make -j 2 for Sempron64

            E4300 - stock clocking 1.8G 200FSB
            1074.093 seconds to do a complete compile

            Sempron64 2800+ OC'd to 2.4G 300FSB 3xHT RAM 266=DDR400 with overclock
            1971 or so seconds to do a complete compile

            I have to say I'm very impressed with the results. That Sempron is an awesome CPU considering it is only single core and only has 256k of cache.

            This is my first venture into dual core. I've been an AMD fan since the 386 days. I'm not planning on overclocking this system since it is fast enough as it is.

            I'm very happy with my budget system so far.


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                Dennis - how about for Canada?


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                  Originally posted by Fragadelic View Post
                  Dennis - how about for Canada?
                  Sorry, I can only deal with US customers.
                  But send me an email with your information and I can pass it to one of my colleuges up in Toronto.

                  He use to work with me down here, but moved about 1 year ago.

                  [email protected]