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AMD Phenom Gets Linux Thermal Driver

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  • AMD Phenom Gets Linux Thermal Driver

    Phoronix: AMD Phenom Gets Linux Thermal Driver

    While AMD's financial outlook has been bleak with it closing down 12% today, if you're a Linux user -- particularly one with a quad-core Phenom processor -- there is good news to report from the AMD camp.The quad-core AMD Phenom processors were first introduced late last year, but its Linux support has been a rough ride. The AMD 790FX Motherboard Chipset had worked well with Linux using an older Athlon 64 X2 processor, but when it was paired with a Phenom and an older Linux kernel, we experienced all sorts of issues...

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    Guess who else's financial outlook is bleak: Microsoft's! Down 6% Friday. Yay!

    That said, I'm really sorry to hear about AMD's misfortune. Hopefully Linux sales will help them turn it around.