While we will not be delivering an official review of these heatsinks at Phoronix, for some of our recent Intel Xeon LV (Sossaman) testing, we had picked up a pair of Dynatron l31 heatsinks. These heatsinks are designed for Intel Socket 479 processors -- primarily the Pentium M and Celeron M CPUs. However, once we had strapped them on top of two Xeon LV Sossaman processors running @ 2.00GHz with 31W of heat, the performance was satisfactory. The temperatures throughout all of this were from 30~50 Celsius -- though no official tests were performed.

Assisting actively is a 40mm 5500RPM fan, which is attached to a 50mm copper base. For approximately $20 USD per heatsink, you really can't go wrong. The fans are barely audible as well.