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Speedstep + overclock behaving strangely

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  • Speedstep + overclock behaving strangely

    I've recently bought an ASUS P5K (uses Intel P35/ICH9) and fitted it with a E2180. I've overclocked it to 3.13ghz (10.0*313), and got it running fine.

    Today I decided it was time to turn on speedstep and C1E again, and started seeing something strange: cpufreq-info (and /proc/cpuinfo backs it up) is saying that my hardware limits are between 1.2ghz and 2.0ghz, so basically it is saying that the processor is running at stock settings, and not overclocked (because stock is 10.0*200, and it goes down to 6x multipler).

    Anyway, I suspect this is just bad reporting, because dmesg | grep proc reveals
    "Detected 3130.209 MHz processor." during boot.

    Has anyone else seen this? Is this just my old kernel/distro?
    I run latest official kernel from opensuse,, on openSUSE 10.3.
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    cpufreq extracts speed limits from ACPI tables, which usually are fixed (i.e. are not adjusted for overclocked cpus).