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Intel Broadwell-U P-State vs. ACPI CPUFreq Scaling Linux Performance

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    Again, why would you (if all hardware and software behaves properly) ever use anything other than P-state performance?


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      Originally posted by Kano View Post
      Before you complain look at the code!!! pstate is not the problem!
      I do not complain. Just wondering what is it about. I understand the code this way, that it tells the cpufrequtils to turn on "powersave" mode instead of "ondemand". I don't understand how that suppose to help with p-state driver, since before I've installed cpufrequtils there were no /etc/default/cpufrequtils.


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        You can not use ondemand when this does not exists. As cpufrequtils seems a bit outdated you have to force your luck! The code is inside /etc/init.d in case you are wondering. By default your kernel activates performance mode, that startscript is used to set another one. Thats why you don't need to write a script but just a config file. You should complain maybe against cpufrequtils but not about pstate driver if you use it the wrong way...