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Russia To Replace AMD/Intel CPUs With 64-bit ARM Hardware

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    Originally posted by LittleWolf View Post
    Obligatory movie quote: "American components, Russian components... all made in Taiwan!!!"

    To be fair both Intel and AMD have global foundries through partners, but yeah I get the political angle. Moreover, most things are probably cheaper to make overseas.


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      Originally posted by cookieninja View Post
      Sure they will, just like they were planning to migrate away from Windows a few years ago.

      Anti-American rhetoric, that's all it is.
      Well earned Anti-American rhetoric. it IS feasible to assume that any Hardware made in US has been pwnt.
      And for the government something pwnt by "themselves" (ruskies) must be better than something pwnt by "them"(USA and brown-noses)

      Originally posted by Alliancemd View Post
      Lol, Russian paranoia... They've kept this paranoia since the USSR times...
      That you are paranoid doesn't mean that they can't be really after you.
      Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
      I was thinking the same thing hahaha.

      But anyway, seems a little stupid Russia wants to avoid AMD and Intel for those reasons. As far as I'm aware, Germany and Singapore have a pretty big role in the production of x86 CPUs, so it isn't just the US gaining 100% of the cash. Maybe Russia could limit customers to CPUs made in other countries?
      German gov has been complicit in the whole NSA deal. BND, MAD and so on haven't exactly earned a reputation for fighting the unconstitutional activities (aka: they happily joined NSA and co and still call them "partners"). So while Russia may not be any better, assuming Germany made Products to be secure is dumb if you got anything worth copying.


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        Originally posted by Szzz View Post
        There really are some Russian-designed processors, e.g.
        It is not very fast but it's enough for some embedded applications in military.
        Elbrus2k and derivatives are explicitly parallel instruction set (EPIC) CPU designs. Very much like the Intel-HP Itanium architecture project. The below 1Ghz clock speeds of these processors is deceiving. They have great performance when used with their native elbrus instruction set thanks to the very successful soviet EPIC design back in 80s. The performance degrades when they're used in x86 emulation (or rather translation) mode. linux has been compiled to work on those chips with native instruction set.


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          Trade politics vs. influence of spooks?

          So one of the companies involved in this is T-platforms, a Russian supercomputer company which recently had some trouble due to using American technology. From wikipedia:

          In April 2013, the United States Department of Commerce added T-Platforms to their "list of organizations and individuals acting contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States", preventing the company from buying computer chips produced anywhere in the world if the factories producing them use American technology. The decision was based on US concerns that T-Platforms work includes "the development of computer systems for military end-users, and the production of computers for nuclear research".

          Company was delisted from the list in December 2013/January 2014, after removal request from the company.
          T-platforms explanation to being listed on this embargo list was that they were being seen as a threat by their US competitors in the HPC business, who got the US government to slow them down a bit. Whatever the truth being these claims is, one can be sure that they don't like being held hostage in this manner. Presumably a viewpoint that the Russian government is also sympathetic to, and consequently is willing to pump some money into a project like this.


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            Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
            You still need an abstraction layer like the BIOS (or EFI) for desktop ARM to be feasible. I don't want to have to mess with special hardware-specific hooks just to install an operation system into a PC, or have to work with device-specific spins of operating systems like what we are seeing with Android and smartphones today where a base generic Android image won't even bootstrap on any phone.

            Plus ARM chips are so tightly integrated and there are hundreds of variations between them (SoC A uses radio A, gpu B, SoC B uses the same CPU as SoC A but with radio B and gpu A, and so on and so forth). Getting proper drivers is going to be a nightmare unless desktop ARM chips are made to have only the CPU cores and nothing else.
            Surely the server chips that are due out this year will be for proper servers.

            Intel is insanely good and it's hard to bet against them, but if the 64bit ARM server chips that AMD and others are making are in the same ballpark as Xeon, performancewise, I think the game could become dramatically different. All the mobile development has essentially promoted ARM to a top tier supported architecture by so many of the dev tools and platforms, you're typical "LAMP" type apps will all run on it just fine. Java is there, all the JIT VM based dynamic environments seem to support ARM. Throw in the ability to build custom hardware with custom accelerators and the fact that fat silicon companies will be willing to build huge niche chips and it could be a game changer.

            I thought his could have happened in the 1990s with PowerPC, IA64 and the rise of OSS but the fact of the matter was support was spotty on non-Intel hardware, quality of tools was also varied. This time around the dev support seems so much better. If the performance is there, it seems like a fairly easy lift for a nation state and they have the added benefit that they could license different parts and even build their own chips if they desired to for security reasons or something else.


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              For strict security enthusiasts believing AMD and Intel have been compromised by the NSA or other US agencies, it's time to celebrate.
              Yeah, can't wait for the KGB line of ARM processors!


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                i like to see the rest of europe do the same, fuck you america


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                  Originally posted by rikkinho View Post
                  i like to see the rest of europe do the same, fuck you america
                  screw you, too!


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                    Hah, more NIH. Good, will be easier for the US to apply further sanctions, then

                    Originally posted by rikkinho View Post
                    i like to see the rest of europe do the same, burn you america
                    "Rest of Europe"? It looks like Russia isn't identifying themselves with Europe a whole lot lately. Good, saves us our good name!


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                      For strict security enthusiasts believing AMD and Intel have been compromised by the NSA or other US agencies, it's time to celebrate.
                      Ha ha ha, because Russia would never spy on anyone, right?