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AVX-512 CPU Support Added To Linux 3.15 Kernel

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  • AVX-512 CPU Support Added To Linux 3.15 Kernel

    Phoronix: AVX-512 CPU Support Added To Linux 3.15 Kernel

    Support for the latest Advanced Vector Extensions will be supported by the next Linux kernel release...

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    Originally posted by phoronix View Post
    CPUs supporting AVX-512 will not come until next year with the introduction of Intel's Knights Landing.
    [b]Stand-alone[/b CPU indeed aren't out yet.
    But the embed chip inside Xeon Phi accelerators is AVX-512

    Knights Landing is basically about offering the same capabilities than Xeon Phi but in a regular Xeon package that you can mount in a CPU socket, instead of a special board that requires PCIe 64bits.

    In it self, the Xeon Phi board works as a separate small "linux-in-card" machine.
    You can SSH to it, you can send software over the network for it to run, etc.

    Until now, you were limited to only use Intel's official compiler suite, and Intel's official micro embed-Linux distribution.

    With recent development, you can now use GCC or LLVM's Clang compiler(*), and you could roll your own kernel (provided that any other patch is used or gets mainlined: like for handling the special hardware).

    (*): Well technically, you could also use them before, but without any SIMD, as the Xeon Phi only supports AVX512 exclusively and GCC and LVVM only supported the older (AVX, SSE, etc)