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Dynatron H6DG (Quad Core Heatsinks)

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  • Dynatron H6DG (Quad Core Heatsinks)

    These heatsinks won't be featured for a review at Phoronix, but I just wanted to make known the Dynatron H6DG in the event any of you are looking for any new Intel Xeon heatsinks.

    The Dynatron D6DG is a 60mm dual ball bearing heatsink for use with LGA-771 processors (ideally for 2U usage). These heatsinks are primarily designed for use with the Intel Dempsey (Xeon 5000 Series), but due to the lower thermal envelope for the Woodcrest (Xeon 5100) and Clovertown (Xeon 5300) series makes the D6DG ideal. The fan size is 60mm and supports pulse width modulation through the 4-pin connector. For optimal performance, the base/fins are both composed of copper.

    I have installed two of these Dynatron H6DG 2U heatsinks on a Tyan Tempest i5000XT with dual Intel Xeon 5300 Quad-Core Clovertowns and had run into no performance or installation issues as of yet. These LGA-771 heatsinks are also cost effective at approximately $30 USD per heatsink. Below are a few photos.

    Michael Larabel