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Testing The AMD Kaveri GPU Burst Turbo/Extreme

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  • Testing The AMD Kaveri GPU Burst Turbo/Extreme

    Phoronix: Testing The AMD Kaveri GPU Burst Turbo/Extreme

    Offered through the UEFI interface on the ASUS A88X-PRO motherboard with the new AMD A10-7850K "Kaveri" APU is a "GPU Burst" mode with auto, turbo, and extreme settings. In this article this performance option for Kaveri's Radeon R7 Graphics is going to be tested under Ubuntu Linux...

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    Looks like, on this platform, GPU Burst is mostly just a marketing gimmick (unless you're into synthetic benchmarks or think that every half frame counts).


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      Neat. I didn't know the GPU turbo clocked up that far

      I suspect the boost will be more interesting on GPU compute applications, where memory bandwidth and CPU performance have less impact.


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        in a separate article will be new benchmarks looking at the overall Kaveri DDR3 memory scaling performance
        Looking forward to this one


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          Could someone investigating why gputest is so strange? It often doesn't quite behave as you would expect it to. In this benchmark there is again one example:


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            Michael include in your upcoming memory scaling article at least a memory setting of 2472mhz (my current low heat setting at 1.665 volts--G.Skill F3-2400C10D). I also reached a stable memory speed of 2520 at 10-12-12-31 and 1.8 volts.

            Also use Dota 2 in your benchmarking tests as well as 2560x1440 screen resolutions. To get the fps values in Dota 2 use the "net_graph" console command. I believe settings "0" to "3" are valid. You can move the view point to the corners of the map to get consistent comparisons across different resolutions and memory settings.

            I noticed a night and day performance difference in Dota 2 when setting the UMA Frame Buffer Size to 2G in the Advanced/NB Configuration screen on the A88X-Pro motherboard. I was wondering if there was a bios issue affecting performance but the auto setting may be making the available memory too low.

            Do all the things mentioned above. YOU GOT THAT!

            Your 7850k memory scaling article will be the most meaningful article of all the articles you have done.on it.

            On your A88X-Pro board does your CPU_Fan header run at 100% speed all the time no matter what setting you use in the bios (version 801)?


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              Also could you maybe pastebin your kernel ".config" for that board.