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A question: how hot is an Haswell cpu supposed to get?

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  • A question: how hot is an Haswell cpu supposed to get?

    Dear CPU experts,
    I have a desktop box with an i5-4670K @3.4 GHz cpu, not overclocked, using the stock fan, and when I use all four cores, the thing gets quite hot: when building the linux kernel with make -j4, it quickly gets as hot as 78?C and then sits around that temperature (as reported by the coretemp kernel module) until the job is over. Are such temperatures expected for this kind of processor? I find them quite surprising.

    (I've tried with prime95 too, but with that the CPU doesn't get much hot, as apparently it doesn't enter the "turbo" state @3.6 GHz.)
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    Tcase 72 C. Your cpu is either right at the edge, or overheating, depending on how they calculate Tcore vs Tcase. Could also be faulty sensor reading.


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      Sigh, the cursed thing is new, clean, is using Intel's own "thermal solution", and it's winter. And I haven't even installed a graphics card yet. I'm afraid that the situation will get worse when we have 40?C in the summer.
      I'll see if I can disable "turbo boost" completely in the BIOS, as I don't really know what else I could do.


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        Third-party heatsinks usually outdo the small shipped ones.