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More AMD A10-7850K Kaveri APU Linux Benchmarks

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    Originally posted by curaga View Post
    Isn't Kaveri bdver3, ie Steamroller?
    Yes, you are right.


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      Second try.

      x264. I predicted 102 for Kaveri @4GHz and Kaveri @4GHz scores 94.45. Percent error = -7%

      Kaveri at stock scores 90.34. Percent error = -11%

      JTR. I predicted 4310.46 for Kaveri @4GHz and Kaveri at stock scores 3631. Percent error = -16%

      Kaveri @4GHz would score ~3925. Percent error = -9%

      C-Ray. I predicted 38.96 for Kaveri @4GHz and Kaveri @4GHz scores 37.00. Percent error = -5%

      Kaveri at stock would score ~39.77. Percent error = ~2%

      Himeno. I predicted 845.64 for Kaveri @4GHz and Kaveri @4GHz scores 958.10. Percent error = +13%

      Kaveri at stock would score 886.24. Percent error = +5%

      If I did no mistake the average of the percent errors is -5% (for stock). Would I say that Kaveri CPU performs about 5% poor than I predicted?


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        For me, as long as there aren't crashes and weird display artifacts (ie. occasional flicker, weird blocks and other visual issues) then the performance/dollar will determine if I go with a <= 65 W Kaveri or Haswell chip in my upcoming mini-ITX PC. Can't wait for the CPU comparison benchmarks with Haswell.


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          Future investment

          As an owner of A10-5800K with R9 270X, there's no immediate reason for me to jump on A10-7860K now. As it shown in these benchmarks, the improvement of Kaveri over Trinity on CPU side isn't that huge. No surprise.

          However, people should be notice that none of these benchmarks touches the true feature highlights of Kaveri: HSA/hUMA.
          The time when HSAIL backend shown in LLVM stable release is where power of Kaveri unleashed.

          Also, TrueAudio and Mantle are another two highlights for Kaveri, but I doubt they can make their way to Linux world.


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            Originally posted by edgar_wibeau View Post
            I've read somewhere that it's possible to set the TDP for the higher rated APUs too, but AMD only guarantees that it works as expected for the A8-7600 for the time being.

            You can see here that in this UEFI Setup there is a mulitplier of 41 set (resulting in 4.1 GHz), so it mast be a "K" Kaveri - either a 7850K or a 7700K. And at least it's possible to set a lower TDP (65W or 45W) value or leave it at default.

            Yep, I'm also looking forward to the 65/45W cTDP - and even more so for the mobile - parts!
            Yeah that would be cool if it was that way....but i didn't see it in any review of the 2 K versions would mean:

            Disabled (AKA 95W for A10-7850K and A10-7700K)


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              No, it works, but e.g. A10-7850K clocks down to 2.4 GHz when set to 45W which is way below A8-7600's 3.1 GHz.

              That guy is an editor for, a german tech site and he was involved in their Kaveri review.