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i7 4930k Benchmarked

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  • i7 4930k Benchmarked

    I did some quick benchmarks of my lightly overclocked 4930k. I plan to upgrade from 12.04 to 13.10 this weekend. We'll see how the numbers change. Its a nice processor, but overkill. I came across some gift cards and money this Xmas so I figured I'd snag one before the x79 platform is depricated. I've also got 32GB RAM in the mail. Woot! I have a Samsung 840 Pro 512GB SSD on my desk here at work. Perhaps I'll see if boss man will let me take it home ;-)

    I also have a 4930K workstation at work. I run 5 VMs continuously and have no speed issues.

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    I upped the frequency to 4.5GHz to get a better comparison with the 3960X running at 4.5GHz. The 4930K did nicely!

    Any other suggested test?


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      I'm holidng off on my upgrade from 12.04. When the next LTS is released I'll do it. This is my workstation.

      Also, @ 4.5GHz I've been dropping my initial voltage of 1.39V I'm now at 1.33.

      Life is so exciting!