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Intel Core i3 4130 On Linux

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  • Intel Core i3 4130 On Linux

    Phoronix: Intel Core i3 4130 On Linux

    The Intel Core i3 4130 is a Haswell processor with HD Graphics 4400 and a dual-core part with Hyper Threading that retails for about $130 USD. While we have been amazed by the performance of high-end Core i7 Haswell CPUs, how's this budget-friendly processor? Here's a review of the Core i3 4130 CPU running Ubuntu Linux and compared to a variety of other processors.

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    I wasn't expecting it doing so well against the 2400S even on multithreaded tests. Too bad it only has the HD 4400, although I'm not sure there is any difference to the HD4600, or if it's just a marketing thing.


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      the price here is 130 euros for the 4130 and 160 euros for the cheapest i5

      intel doesn't do low cost or budget

      what's the point of saving 30 euros on your cpu? IMO in the age of ARM they should be selling haswell celerons at 40euros tops, now that would be something


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        They are selling Bay Trail Atoms in that price segment.