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OCZ MiniKart 8GB Flash Drive

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  • OCZ MiniKart 8GB Flash Drive

    In the market for a new flash drive? OCZ Technology had recently launched the 8GB Mega Kart. While this isn't as jaw-dropping as the (expensive) 64GB flash drives, this one will only set you back an approximate $140 USD. 8GB of flash storage in your pocket isn't that bad of a deal, and you could even install your favorite Linux distribution to it if you so desired. The read/write speeds on it were also surprisingly good.

    OCZ Technology is at it again attempting to push the envelope for flash media. When they had introduced the Rally it was a smoking fast flash drive that had finally stolen the performance crown from Corsair's Flash Voyager. After that OCZ pushed the physical envelope for flash drives with the incredibly small Mini-Kart. Now OCZ Technology is at it again, but this time around they are attempting to push the storage capacity for computer users. The OCZ Mega-Kart offers an 8GB storage capacity while retaining a small footprint, and best of all an economically-minded price.
    Michael Larabel

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    8GB is sweet, but damn that thing is hulking!