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GCC 4.8 Has Support For AMD Steamroller, Jaguar

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  • GCC 4.8 Has Support For AMD Steamroller, Jaguar

    Phoronix: GCC 4.8 Has Support For AMD Steamroller, Jaguar

    Aside from improvements to Link-Time Optimizations, run-time library improvements, and a new optimization level, the coming release of GCC 4.8 also features support for yet-to-be-out AMD hardware. AMD's Steamroller "Bulldozer 3" processor is already supported with compiler optimizations and so is AMD Jaguar, their new low-power APU that's rumoured to be in the next-generation consoles...

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    Sony PlayStation will both be powered by an AMD Jaguar APU.
    Its pretty much common-knowledge by now, that the PS4 will not be Jaguar based. (


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      Who cares ?!? Not me for sure !!!

      What i want is an 25W AMD Kabini 4 core APU in a mini-ITX Mobo !!!

      That will make a perfect HTPC with very interesting light/maybe_medium gaming capacities rig


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        I'd like to see 17W quad trinity vs 17W quad jaguar. With perf/$ graphs too if possible.


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          I've been pretty happy with the real-world multi-threaded performance of the a10-5800K I picked up. The new AMD stuff, while not as fast as some Intel cpus, is a lot better than some Windows benchmarks make them out to be. Having these processor specific compilation works wonders for certain programs.


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            IMHO, A Jaguar-based APU will beat the crap out of Trinity in 17W range...from a theoretical point of view of course.

            As for the A10-5800K is indeed a very nice piece of hardware....

            My experiments with it and a ASROCK mini-ITX MoBo were interesting....

            G.SKILL ARES 8GB 2133 MHz DDR3 DIMMs (2 x 4GB) was initially set up by BIOS to 1600MHz or 1833 MHz (don't recall) when it was in Auto and i wasn't enjoying performance (at all) in some AAA games...i changed from Auto to 2133MHz and BIOS accepted it....performance increased in AAA games but in very fast 120-180 degrees turns in FPS there was clearly still some stuttering or frame drop if you will....

            Then i bumped GPU from 800 MHz (Auto setting in BIOS was giving that value) to 950MHz...and suddenly, i was in Gaming Nirvana !!!

            No stuttering or noticeable frame drop at all in any circunstance !!!

            Gaming Performance was clearly superior to my 9600GT 1GB DDR3 + Intel Dual Core at 2.7GHz !!!

            Interesting side i bumped GPU to 950MHz, RAM gone down from 2133 to it was quite surprise that gaming performance boost

            However, the A10-5800K have two flaws...a INCREDIBLY LOOOOOOOOUD OEM APU fan and a somehow still too high appetite for energy....

            So, i also build up a rig with a mini-ITX MoBo with a AMD E-350 and was pleasantly surprised with a very very quiet and very low power drain machine that still plays some very nice, i can't wait for AMD Quad Core Kabini 25W mini-ITX MoBos