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Debian Brought Back To Life On M68K-Based Amigas

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    Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
    Well it has 400 MIPS so it's pretty obvious it won't conquer an i7 for now at least. In embedded things it might have a use, but I don't know if Debian is the right choice for embedded devices. I thought that embedded devices based themselves on a different 'distro' of linux. Can't remember the name right now.
    Do you happen to mean EmDebian?
    (See also and
    I've also run across quite a few people enquiring about Debian for various embedded applications.
    I also note debwrt and the former maemo.
    Open Embedded and related distros, which use ipkg/opkg, have a package manager which is very close to Debian's dpkg. In fact, according to, the format is close enough to .deb that you can install .deb packages with ipkg or opkg!

    Debian aims to be "The Universal Operating System" and IMHO they have succeeded fairly well.
    Debian is one of ~2-3 major freely available projects that provide ports and patches to make software run on minor architectures; referring to the Debian packaging, source mirrors, and patches can be a real help even if you build from scratch.

    Regarding m68k vs i7: how fast does an i7 emulate m68k (remember what I said about Atari emutors), and how does it compare at that for power efficiency?