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CPU Scaling On DragonFlyBSD, Ubuntu, CentOS/RHEL

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    Attention all BSD zealots/users.

    Disprise the lies you spread, Linux has won and owned all ur BSDs. Linux has out class the crap out of all of them especially in areas that you claim your crappy little OS is good at. This benchmark shows the failure of your OS to adapt in the 21st century and thus it's long awaited end.

    Your proclaimed advantage over linux is nothing but hot air from the ass.

    Linux is way faster then FreeBSD (see Phoronix benchmarks)

    Linux is way more secure then OpenBSD (

    Linux is way more portable then NetBSD (

    Basically Linux is far better at everything then your useless BSDs.

    BSD existence as no longer justified.

    Goodbye and do Linux a favor by not coming back.


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      Your oh-so-portable Linux even drops support for the i386 platform. Boring.
      Please note that using large fonts won't make your bullshit smarter though.