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AMD A4-5300/A6-5400k hardware specs

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  • AMD A4-5300/A6-5400k hardware specs

    I have a question: What are the hardware specs of the Trinity-based A4/A6 dual core APUs? Everywhere i look, the L2 cache it is stated as 1024 KB, but on the AMD site:

    Its stated as "1024 KB per Core" for both A4 and A6. Wouldnt that mean that there are 2x1024 KB caches for a total of 2048?

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    AMD’s A6-5400K represents a more significant departure from the other K-series SKUs. To begin, it bears a 65 W TDP, instead of 100 W. It’s also a single-module APU armed with two integer cores and a single floating-point unit. And instead of a shared 2 MB L2 cache, the -5400K is trimmed down to 1 MB of shared space. Radeon HD 7540D graphics are composed of 192 shader cores operating at an undisclosed frequency.


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      Well, it seems that page i linked is wrong (somebody copypasted stuff it seems - they should lay him of as well where thay are at it...).

      Thanks for the info.