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Not All Hope Is Lost For AMD CPU Support On Linux

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    Originally posted by PsynoKhi0 View Post
    Hope was never lost to begin with, it was the usual BS with people drawing hasty conclusions based on incomplete information.
    I wouldn't say they are basing their conclusions on incomplete information, they are basing their conclusions on the steady cutbacks, failure of execution, hemorrhaging of capital, and yearly reorganization of AMD that just seems to be getting worse and worse.


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      I have a AMD A4 ASUS Laptop with a discrete AMD 68xx Radeon graphic as well. To tell the truth I am not impressed, the issues being driver support in Linux and the GPU acceleration for HD movies, I don't do any gaming. OTOH, the i5 ASUS laptop without any discrete graphic card runs way faster through apps, runs cooler, consumes less battery and best of all, VLC runs almost all formats with ease and way less CPU usage. Flash chokes the AMD laptop compared to the icore5. Where AMD has delivered for me apart from my Bulldozer workstation is that recently I replaced a quad core QC6600 machine with a AMD 560BE Phenom II CPU and ASUS M78 series motherboard. This system generally is for my wife and my aunt who is over eighty so nothing fancy was needed. However much to my pleasant surprise I found out I can unlock the locked two cores on the CPU making it a quad core for the price of two. When I initially tried it with skepticism, it worked and worked well with no issues of stability or heat, I did some series of video conversion, some compiling and neither heat not stability was affected. Now this is where I still feel AMD rules, the bang for budget. Also the APU series can improve once AMD gets their Catalyst right for Linux.