Is my memory defective? Does it need to be replaced?

Hardware Detection Tool in Parted Magic detected:

Memory BANK 0, Form factor: DIMM, type: other, Type details: synchronous, speed 667 MHz, size 1024 MB Device set: none, Device location: DIMM0, bank location: BANK0, total width 64 bits, data width 64 bits

Memory BANK 1: Form factor DIMM, Type unknown, type detail unknown, speed unknown, size: free, device set none, Device location: DIMM1, bank location: BANK1, total width unknown

e80: low memory 15 MiB, high memory 997 MiB
88 information: 63 MiB

memory > run test> MemTest 86+ v.

L1 cache 24k 20574 MB
L2 cache 512k 10547 MB
L3 cache none
Memory 1013M 1937 MB

select C for Configuration, select 5 DMI Memory Device Information:

DIMM0 size 1024, speed 667, type other, form DIMM, mapped to 00003ffffc00
DIMM1 size empty, speed unknown, type unknown, mapped to unknown

lshd tool also cannot detect size, width and clock of bank:1.

description: System Memory
physical id: 15
slot: System board or motherboard
size: 1GiB

description: DIMM Synchronous 667 MHz (1.5 ns)
product: ModulePartNumber00
vendor: Manufacturer00
physical id: 0
serial: SerNum00
slot: DIMM0
size: 1GiB
width: 64 bits
clock: 667MHz (1.5ns)

description: DIMM [empty]
product: ModulePartNumber01
vendor: Manufacturer01
physical id: 1
serial: SerNum01
slot: DIMM1

(Missing size, width and clock of bank:1)