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AMD Trinity Linux Memory Performance

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    What about Trinity / Piledriver with GCC using -bdver1 -bdver2 ? Will they have any positive effect?


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      Originally posted by Adarion View Post
      Michael (or anyone else), is there any visible reason why DDR3 1866 MHz RAM was sometimes on lower performance than the 1600 equivalent? On most tests it showed a relatively "linear" behaviour, but on others it left the queue with a jump.
      I guess all of them were default and configured by SPD on chip/bar?
      At a guess, the timings don't work out ideally with other clocks in the data path? If there is a 2:3 (or 5:4) ratio in there somewhere, it could make the performance a bit more weirdly sensitive to instruction timings and such.


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        Originally posted by Pahanilmanlintu View Post
        I find it very odd that AMD has been sending sites like Anandtech etc. 1866MHz memory along with these APUs.
        The highest RAM frequency officially supported is 1866MHz so it's not surprising that was sent to review sites. What's surprising is that 2133MHz is not officially supported, even though it works.