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Intel Core i5 3470

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  • phoronix
    started a topic Intel Core i5 3470

    Intel Core i5 3470

    Phoronix: Intel Core i5 3470

    For the past month I have been testing out the Intel Core i5 3470 under Linux. Like Intel's other processors of recent years (well, ignoring the initial Sandy Bridge struggles), and just like the more expensive Ivy Bridge CPUs of this year, this mid-range quad-core processor is working very smoothly "out of the box" on modern Linux distributions.

  • GreatEmerald
    Oh hey, it's my new processor again. Nice to see that it is actually faster than 2500K, despite the clock rate being slightly lower.

    Though I don't get how the performance per watt calculation worked on page 7. Its power consumption was lower than 2500K's, and the performance was better, yet it ranked lower...

    Also, on the last page, "of the CPU benchmarks the i5-3470 does better than the i7-3770K" should be "of the CPU benchmarks the i5-3470 does better than the i5-2500K".

    Otherwise, yea, I agree, it's fast and there are no real problems under Linux (well, there were some corruption problems with the display earlier, but I haven't tested the latest drivers yet).

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