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AMD To Put An ARM Core On Future Fusion APUs

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  • AMD To Put An ARM Core On Future Fusion APUs

    Phoronix: AMD To Put An ARM Core On Future Fusion APUs

    AMD will be placing an ARM Cortex-A5 on future-generation Fusion APUs as what initially they are saying is for hardware-based security measures via ARM TrustZone Technology...

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    But it will take AMD 6 years to do so and the result will be slower than expected.


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      No fucking Imagination Technologies stay out of HSA! I don't want desasters like poulsbo and GPU/media chips on beagleboard again.
      It's useless. Not even reverse engineering this shit will help it. As far as I heard they change chips for every manufacturer, even if it is the same series of chips basically.
      ARM stuff combined with X86 like an ASIC might be fine but please without imgtec. And please WITH full free drivers.
      Stop TCPA, stupid software patents and corrupt politicians!


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        If all they want is the ARM TrustZone security extensions, why don't they just port TrustZone from ARM to x86 or implement something similar?

        Wouldn't it be a waste adding a whole fully-featured additional core just for the TrustZone extensions?

        Also, why doesn't AMD buy an ARM license and create a bad ass ARM+Radeon system-on-a-chip solution?
        It could be like Nvidia Tegra.

        By the way, HSA kinds of reminds me of AMDs earlier Torrenza initiative.


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          I posted some replies in my thread so I'll just copy them in one reply here:

          Looks like AMD is locking down their hardware and locking out the users and costumers of the hardware.
          This isn't real security. It's a way of preventing users from access to the hardware they they paid for and preventing users from using software of they choose to use.

          Some more info on this new AMD strategy to put "Trusted Computing" (meaning "we at AMD don't trust you the user or owner of the hardware you buy from us") into every AMD CPU and APU they make

          This is like ACTA/SOPA in every AMD APU/CPU.

          And here's a short video on what "Trusted Computing" is

          or on youtube

          And finally here is what the future of computing looks like: a talk by Cory Doctorow about taking control of computers out of the hands of users
          "The coming war on general computation"
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            ^ In-fucking-deed. This _will_ be used against us, the users, just like the so-called "Secure boot".

            Security Extensions (TrustZone): ...allowing much tighter digital rights management for controlling the use of media on ARM-based devices,[33] and preventing any unapproved use of the device....


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              AMD You Must Be Tripping !!!!

              AMD's managers brains must be full of drugs!!!!!!!!

              and people blaming me for criticize "bridgman"

              these people at AMD are complete insane

              my last replay on this insane tropic was this:

              bridgman:"Arguments are fine. Repeatedly claiming I said things which I didn't - not so much."

              well well the Advocatus Diaboli is speaking
              the claiming you said things which you didn't say is closer to the truth than your dodge in politically correct ways.

              why is this a full joke:
              If the OEMs says to amd that they do not need support linux because the market share is too low to be equal but in the same time they calculate the marketshare that linux is a unauthorized windows copy and to cheat even more they don't count the greatest linux distribution with the name "Andorid" and this only because they don't builds the hardware and its the evil competitive company to amd and these companys just want to kill the Wintel Alliance (AMD+INTEL+Microsoft) then the whole think is just ridiculous!

              the Linux market share is much higher than you can admit it and you only fear this because they want to kill "i386-X86_64" and you lose your job!

              i personalty do have customers who STOP buying INTEL+AMD+Microsoft and start to buy ASUS Transformer ARM+Nvidia+Google(Linux)

              and they do exactly the SAME what they dit with there AMD notebooks/netbooks+windows or ubuntu in the Past but you stil do not count andorid as a Linux distribution

              this is just stupid because THESE ARE competitive companies to AMD and these are competitive products to the AMD products !

              cheating on marketshare with bullshit like "linux=unauthorized windows copy " and "Andorid is not a linux" will not help your company!

              and i personally start to feel like a victim by amd because in the same time catalyst drop support for the hd2000-hd4000 series the radeon driver also drop improvements for hd2000-hd4000 the essential shader compiler and shader cache is hd5000-hd6000 only and because the main interrest is in openCL hd2000-hd4000 hardware will maybe never get a solution.

              this means for my in HON with my hd4770 13fps and other people with similar cards hd6770 get 40-50fps only because of the "shader compiler"

              this means i buyed my hd3870 back in 2007 for the trashcan and my hd4670 in my brothers pc also for the trashcan and my hd4770 also for the trashcan. only because of the "OpenCL" Focused Planed obsolescence Politic

              if ARM shows up with a 64bit solution in 2014 be sure i think about buying ANTI-WINTEL-Alliance next time no mater how bad the hardware do perform.

              Asus Transformer the death of the Company so called AMD. because they have not taken seriously: "linux""

              Well AMD the people will just stop buying your products: waiting for the bankruptcy of AMD.
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              Phantom circuit Sequence Reducer Dyslexia


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                amd apus (processors that are combinations of x86 cores and radeon simd arrays) will also integrate an arm cortex a5 processor to handle security for online transactions, banking, identity protection and drm integration.
                Fuck that!


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                  Stop fucking with us AMD. For entire my computer related history I always buy AMD cpus. Don't make me change that.
                  Oh, and other people often cosult me about pc purchases.


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                    But... but.... AMD... YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!!!