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    Originally posted by aceman View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by s91066 View Post
    I am interested in a full load noise "test".
    Could you please tell me if my "ready made" you mean a known branded PC (HP, Dell etc?)

    Yes, it is a Lenovo IdeaCentre H420. I will try the full load test shortly.
    So, under full load (both cores, I did multithreaded WinRar, it gave 1.2MB/s in the benchmark), I could not hear any increase in noise.
    I a completely silent room, you can hear the fan a bit, but the HDD is louder when it reads/writes
    If you have any bit of background noise (TV, radio, people talking in next room, street behind window), you will probably hear nothing.


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      Originally posted by devius View Post
      Well, the Sandy Bridge Pentiums are in reality 35W TDP parts, although for marketing reasons (so they can sell more expensive "low-power" CPUs), they are branded as 65W. There are several sites out there that investigated the actual power consumption of these parts under full load and the results were between 31-37W. This means they don't get very hot and you can probably even underclock them, lowering power consumption even further and consequently noise as well.
      A better buy than Llano?


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        I'm comparing the Intel G540 and it looks only slightly slower than the G620 which looks like the next step up.

        For processing power, it beats the A6-3500 on practically anything so my question is how much power would a 'silent' video card add?


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          You always seem to be on the market, or maybe it's just my imagination

          In any case, Trinity is supposed to be Q2.