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AMD 690G chipset under linux?

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    OK for me

    Finishing a FC8 HTPC based on this board and the BE-2400. Mixed bag so far, but I'd recommend it.

    I needed the most recent bios (1604) to get the ati driver to work. BUT TexturedVideo (the new XV system for the IGP) isn't yet supported in 64-bit. I think the 32 bit one works unofficially, and I hope the 64-bit might come out soon. Minimal hardware acceleration would be nice (needed for HD!)

    Major problem: with 4GB (2x2GB) ram, S3(STR) had a nasty issue, corrupting the filesystem. Works fine with one module.

    Sata works well, with an 80+ PSU, idles at 40W stock with one 160 GB samsung PATA, CD, 2GB RAM, and some usb peripherals.

    Performance seems quite snappy, but I haven't benched it yet, and won't be optimal until the video driver works properly.

    RADEONHD (opensource) video driver also works nicely, albeit with no acceleration.

    I couldn't pass on a $40 openbox at the egg. I'm keen to try undervolting, as the BIOS has some decent options.


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      experience with other *nixes?

      Hi all,
      I'm looking for a replacement for the dying nforce2 board powering my headless fileserver/mpd box. So far the combo AMD690G + BE-2350 looks great value for what I intend to do, especially since I currently don't own an HDTV (and thus will be happy with HD support at some point in the distant future).

      Anybody got any experience with either opensolaris or FreeBSD on this chipset? I'm currently quite happily running 32-bit Arch on this machine, with LVM+RAID1, but I figure if I upgrade to a 64-bit and a decent amount of RAM I might give ZFS a go.