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AMD A8-3870K Llano APU Linux Overclocking

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  • AMD A8-3870K Llano APU Linux Overclocking

    Phoronix: AMD A8-3870K Llano APU Linux Overclocking

    Following the interest yesterday from the AMD A8-3870K graphics testing even though this new Llano APU has the same Radeon HD 6550D integrated graphics as the original A8-3850 APU, here's some more information and numbers from the week-old AMD A8-3870K when running the desktop AMD APU under Ubuntu Linux and attempting to overclock this week-old Llano APU.

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    Curious how it matches the Bulldozer in OpenSSL when ~at the same freq.


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      Originally posted by curaga View Post
      Curious how it matches the Bulldozer in OpenSSL when ~at the same freq.
      At the same freq? It matches bulldozer at a lower freq (3.0Ghz vs 3.6Ghz)!


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        Bulldozer needs some work.

        Originally posted by Goderic View Post
        At the same freq? It matches bulldozer at a lower freq (3.0Ghz vs 3.6Ghz)!
        It is nice to see Bulldozer actually doing well in a couple of tests. In the end though it needs a significant boost in performance. I still think some of the concepts in bull dozer are valid but they really need to work on integer execution. Hopefully by the time it is integrated into Fusion this will be corrected.

        Well enhanced to the point that it isn't a step backwards for Fusion. Unfortunately I think AMD engineers have much work to do to make that happen in 2012.


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          What is the word on the GPU over clock.

          For many of us that is a primary reason to go with this chip.


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            I just purchased my 3rd llano motherboard
            currently running at 3.4GHz 700MHz gpu

            motherboards I have:
            Asus F1A75-I deluxe itx
            Asrock A75M-ITX
            Gigabyte A75M-UD2H


            the itx boards didn't allow me to break 3.2GHz
            the gigabyte board is my favorite of the 3 even tho it's not ITX

            If anyone has any questions I have bios pictures, voltages, and benchmarks.

            As far as linux goes the Asus board doesn't seem to adjust voltages properly with the pstate/voltage changes.
            The Asrock seems to work pretty well, cept the construction and bios are low quality (bios corrupted on me the first day I had it, ended up having to buy a flasher to fix).
            The Gigabyte one has incorrect temperature output with IT87/sensors. I've always loved the simplistic yet capable gigabyte bios.


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              I've managed to get my 3870 + ud2h fully memtest86+ stable with 133 bclk and 2133 mem.

              Problem is linux and putting my drives in IDE mode.
              FreeBSD see's the drives on boot, various flavors of linux don't.
              Apparently windows/osx have also booted 133 bclk with AHCI disabled.

              linux kernel source contains hudson2 in the drivers/pci/quirks.c where it apparently forces AHCI mode on initialization, and resume.

              Can you verify this ?
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                I'm running at 133bclk
                I'm using an addon pcie sata card to avoid the AHCI/hudson issues

                I emailed Michael Larabel about his llano overclocking article, in an attempt to get/share some feedback. It appears he's not interested and/or too busy to acknowledge. This sata issue is what was holding back his overclock too. I figured it would be worth sharing ...

                Kind of a shame Mr. Larabel didn't respond to my email, it's always nice to connect with the community.

                Good luck