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133MHz bclk w/ A75 + A8-3850 ?!

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  • 133MHz bclk w/ A75 + A8-3850 ?!

    I'm wondering if it's possible for a llano/lynx to boot into linux with a 133MHz bclk(fsb).
    100MHz is the default, the system posts fine all the way near 140MHz
    but when I try to boot linux with anything above around 103MHz linux will kernel panic and say it can't find the hard drives.

    From what i've read the A75 chipset is supposed to auto kick in a divider at 133MHz to keep the sata/usb devices within spec .... I'm just not sure if the chipset/bios is failing to do this on post or if it's a problem in the linux kernel itself (ie: is it resetting the bclk fch multiplier on boot?)

    Any ideas ?
    all the windows users seem to be claiming they can boot windows past 140MHz ...
    board/bios or kernel limiting me here ?


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    I just ordered a different motherboard with the same chipset

    I'll let you all know if this will allow ANY overclock.


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      corrupt bios

      The asrock motherboard failed within 2hrs of getting it, paperweight ...



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        I purchased a DLP-USB1232H and re-flashed the bios chip.
        The system is now back up and running, but I won't attempt 133 blck again until I get a backup bios that I ordered. Also got some nice pwm fans coming.

        Some differences between the two boards:
        F1A75-I :
        voltage always remains at max
        no vga monitor support
        cpu socket very close to pcie

        A75M-ITX :
        voltage adjusts in linux along with the pstate changes
        vga connector (although flimsy)
        better layout
        bios will corrupt if not careful

        Figured i'd update this thread in case someone read it ...
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          still failing

          I just tried my 3rd llano motherboard A75M-UD2H with an A8-3870
          Still can't get 133+ bclk

          I guess llano/A75 is a complete failure and all reports i've seen online of 133+ bclks are lies.


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            Ok, I think I figured out a few things with this UD2H board
            I finally managed to get 133+ bclk

            VGA does not work with 133+
            hdmi does
            also AHCI must be disabled or the hd's disapear
            also it's near impossible to get in the bios using a USB keyboard, using a tradition PS/2 keyboard solves that issue

            so now i've just got to purchase an HDMI LCD If I want to run my memory at it's rated 2133 speed ....
            or put an addon card in