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Anyone here use i5-2500k w/ Virtualbox?

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  • Anyone here use i5-2500k w/ Virtualbox?

    Are you satisfied with it?

    I am planning on saving up for a sandy bridge system to use virtualbox. But, the i7-2600 has hyperthreading but I don't think it will give me much of an edge to justify the extra $$. Right?

    The only other option is to get the non-k version for vt-d but from what I've read on Virtualbox and most virtual software in Linux, they are still not supporting IOMMU / Directed I/O. I'm not even sure how often I'd want to use it or directly access graphics cards or network cards or whatever hardware one would want virtual access from.

    So, i5-2500K is probably sufficient for most uses in Vbox, right?