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    If you put the CPU in the socket....then you have everything just fine. The top of the CPU sits higher than the socket itseld and thus the heatsink will set on the CPU and not touch the socket.

    Everything you have there looks just great...put the CPU in the socket and then set the heatsink on the will see what I mean.


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      I was afraid the cooler was too heavy for the cpu, i've always heard never press down on the cpu when you put paste on it; how does the weight of your finger tip compare to a 580 gram heatsink sitting on the cpu for months/years. And all the heatsink companies say the same thing, they wont accept responsiblilty for their products damaging the cpu - a $300-$500 investment. so i did trial runs first with the heatsink by itself and each time it looked bad, as i originally posted the manual didnt say remove the retaining frame first. so i was very iffy about what to do. i'm told to place it squarely on the cpu and screw it down. I will try a dry run though, sticker in place and no paste. thanks for your help. I'll let you know how it goes.


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        Thats a load off my mind the x2 4600+ with the tempest heatsink on top and screwed down looks good the holes match up this time. im a bit nervous about the silver screws only allow 2 turns before they stiffen up but i think it will stay in place. im not putting the whole thing together till the weekend though. I appreciate your help Michael and RyderOCZ I would have sent the cooler or motherboard back otherwise. Many Thanks!!!