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AMD Bulldozer Dual-Interlagos Benchmarks On Linux

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    amd is winner

    No needs of calculation..i am betting to you all guys..amd six core zambezi is going to beat intel core i5 SB..performance 'll be in between i7 and i5 SB..and 8 cores means 4 modules(u all knows about amd modules) going to beat i7 SB and i7 extreme 6 cores and porformance in between 6 cores extreme i7 and upcoming i7 8 cores SB based..and upcoming BD..with little tweaks 'll beat SB..and competets untill enhanced BD 'll be out..haha..u r thinking that i m crazy amd fanboy..i thats reality..amd is back with in 2006..same for server xeon is going tn beaten by interlagos..think abut bobcat..1.6 ghz zacate is beating 1.8 ghz atom with H.T..and intel is going to compete by 32 nm oak tail..with little what abut 28 nm krishna and wachita..haha..amd is winner..and i love it..amd 'll kick intel out..ameen