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e8400 vs i3

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  • e8400 vs i3

    I have the possibility to upgrade my current Core 2 E8400 to some i3 configuration (probably 540 in an H55 based motherboard, i5 was my initial choice, but it is far from my reach at short term). so far, I havent found any comparison or review that helps me to find if actually Im going to get more perfomance with the i3 CPU. E8400 runs at 3Ghz and has more cache than the i3, seems a pretty fair match for the i3. Can somebody tell me if the new i3 architecture will give me some advantage over old Core 2 CPUs? Or should I wait and save more money to get the i5?

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    It's not really worth that update. Save your money for a 2500K + P67, then you can oc it to the max...