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New tool for undervolt/overclock AMD K8L and K10 processors

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    blackshard, clapping you about the program...

    I have CPU which is (PhenomII x3 2.6Ghz @ x4 2.6Ghz ) non-Black Edition, So I don't have some dividers on MB bios. But I can overclock via NorthBridge bus frequency...
    But I don't use "overclocking" on linux (easily handle 3.25 Ghz) due power req.(24hr open at most) and there is some problems with "hibernating" etc.

    I wanted to ask you a question because I couldn't find answer of it on documentation. Might you could put some info about doc on next version too... Your programs looks good but if it has ability to change my CPU frequency via altering pstate table with "locked" FIDs ? Or it cannot change it? I couldn't try since I am converting movie to x264 but I believe your program couldn't make such a job due locked dividers. Right? or Wrong?

    I wish at least I can overclock cpu with NB frequency changing support. But AFAIK, it's not quite possible because you needed to identify NB's clock generator (which is varies from MB to MB) and change it's register to do that job.

    Can you tell about if it's program for BE series cpu's or locked cpus could overclocked with it too?



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      Hi Death Knight, unfortunately the only solution to overclock processors which have locked multipliers is to change the HT Bus speed from bios.
      Processors like Black Edition series have unlocked multipliers, so you can raise FID values at your desire to achieve an easy overclock.

      You're right when you say that HT Bus overclocking requires knowledge of the frequency generator chip that is soldered on the motherboard and varies depending on the motherboard itself. The big problem is that often chip makers don't give public specifications about their PLL frequency generator chips and so it is very difficult to follow such an approach.


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        New version 0.30 available!

        You can download it from here: TurionPowerControl v0.30


        - Corrected an issue with minimum voltage VID with Parallel VID
        - Corrected an issue with -set voltage switch reporting wrong rounding
        when used on a specific core instead of all cores. The effect of the
        command was therefore successful.
        - Corrected a problem with cpu usage reporting with K10 processors with
        more than 2 cores.
        - Removed an annoying debug string when using -set frequency with
        K10 processors.
        - Added support for northbridge voltage and divisor change for K10
        processors. Northbridge voltage can be changed with -nbvid switch or
        using -set switch. Divisor can be changed with -nbdid switch
        - Addes support for northbridge voltage change in configuration file
        - Added some more usage examples, fixed some documentation issues


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          Thank you for the update!

          I've compiled, tested, and everything seems ok:

          [email protected]:~/turioncontrol/bin$ sudo ./
          Turion Power States Optimization and Control - by blackshard - v0.30
          Detected CPU:
          Family: 0xf Model: 0x6 Stepping: 0x2
          Extended Family: 0x10 Extended Model: 0x6
          Package Type: 0x1 BrandId: 0x1a87
          Detected Physical Cores: 2
          set frequency 2800 Mhz on all cores pstate 0
          set voltage 1.1000v on all cores pstate 0
          set northbridge voltage 1.1750v on all cores pstate 0
          set frequency 2100 Mhz on all cores pstate 1
          set voltage 0.9375v on all cores pstate 1
          set northbridge voltage 1.1250v on all cores pstate 1
          set frequency 1600 Mhz on all cores pstate 2
          set voltage 0.8375v on all cores pstate 2
          set northbridge voltage 1.1000v on all cores pstate 2
          set frequency 800 Mhz on all cores pstate 3
          set voltage 0.7000v on all cores pstate 3
          set northbridge voltage 0.9750v on all cores pstate 3
          *** -set parsing terminated

          The link to my linux x86 executable, if helps:


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            Thanks. I normally just lurk here, but I just had to let you know I'm using tpc and learning more about my new MB and CPU!




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              Glad you find the program useful and interesting!

              @Korso: which distribution are you using?


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                I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 x86 for a HTPC/Server.


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                  Blackshard, any news on temperature bug?


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                    Can you PM me your address? Package is ready!


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                      Originally posted by kfgz View Post
                      Blackshard, any news on temperature bug?
                      Hi kfgz, actually I had the chance to test a Phenom II 1055T and I had no problems with neither Windows or Linux.
                      It just popped in my mind that there is a known problem with temperature reporting when a k10 processor get some cores/cache unlocked. Is yours unlocked?