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Intel Core i5 750, Core i7 870 Linux Benchmarks

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    Povray is a nice SINGLE thread example that shows the turbo mode. Excactly 20% faster, 3200 MHz.
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      Here's an comparison against turbo off.


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        You can be sure, everything with 20% performance boost lets the cpu run with 4 x 133 more and is most likely single threaded (look at htop). Maybe you could check cpu speed with /proc/cpuinfo too when this is running...


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          The problem is the higher multis are in use but they are noot reported.
          With Turbo and c-states enabled cpufreq-info shows
          2.8GHz, 2.66GHz followed by the frequencies with lower multis.
          With turbo on and c-states off it shows 2.66GHz twice.
          In the first case multis above 21x are in use but max 21x can be tracked. In the second case only the 21x multi is in use but even if the chip runs at 2.8GHz cpufreq-info and cat /proc/cpuinfo only show 2.66GHz.
          I made an config for the onboard sensor chip so I can atleast log cpu voltage and temperature + cpu usage.


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            Well that's secret OC then The first 133 mhz step is always on with load and good cooling. The higher states only when not all cores are used. But basically it does not really matter if you see it, at least the speed is there and it runs fast.


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              If you modify the p-states of an phenom black edition chip, an modified multi does also not show up in /proc/couinfo.
              Looking at apache and postgres results it seems those had problems with eist. I prepared a suite with nearly all benchmarks (I left out all disc benches and the retail ones), currently I test the pII at 2.8GHz with that suite, next will be the i5, this time with eist and c-states disabled. Should be an good clock vs clock comparison, only the uncore speed (2.13GHz( differs from the nb speed (2GHz). I wonder how long it will take to finish one run, think I can run one or two tests per day.
              The NAS IC.s benchmark which caused system hangup's here works fine with increased vdimm, so it's a good and quick memory stability test.


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                There are more hidden values from cpuinfo. Like when you don't disable EIST on s775 and you go over FSB 400 then you will not see the correct speed too. Of if you like to get fake high speeds you just need to force a lower multi than the max. of the cpu. Even when you raised the FSB lower than the default it will show up to FSB 400 just max cpu multi * fsb.
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                  Will new benchmarks be performed with a newer BIOS (assuming that corrects the errors in DMESG)?

                  I ask because in the anandtech article, the i870 CPU wins many of the benchmarks, one or two over the top of the line extreme chips.

                  I was wondering is the problem with Linux or is it a bios issue?

                  It sounds like it could not shift the CPU speed to a higher level/bin?



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                    P55 with i5 750 not working with Ubuntu 9.10 with all cores enabled

                    Originally posted by phoronix View Post
                    Phoronix: Intel Core i5 750, Core i7 870 Linux Benchmarks

                    Now that we have provided a brief overview of the Intel P55 and how it functions under Linux, our larger area of concentration is looking at the Linux performance of the P55 with the new Core i5 750 and Core i7 870 processors. We have a number of benchmarks in this article along with more information on these Lynnfield processors.

                    I have gone through the review and it gives a good comparison. I have got a new board DP55WB with i5 750. However I could not get it to work with all cores enabled for Ubuntu 9.10 amd 64. It works only with one core enabled in the BIOS. However, the performance indicated in the review does not look like a single core's performance. Was something special done to make it work with all the cores enabled?

                    BTW, my m/c works fine with Windows 7 RC with all the cores enabled, so that rules out any h/w, board problems.


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                      more than one core n/w on i5-750 with Ubuntu

                      I have got a DP55WB board with i5 750 processor. It doesn't boot Ubuntu 9.10 amd64 with all the cores enabled. It works only with one core enabled in the BIOS. However, it works fine with Windows 7 with all the cores enabled.

                      Was there something special done to enable all the cores in the performance tests of the review?