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AMD EPYC 4004 Benchmarks: Outperforming Intel Xeon E-2400 With Performance, Efficiency & Value

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    Originally posted by zir_blazer View Post
    Can they overclock like standard Ryzens? Is there any other standard Ryzen feature missing?
    If I had a Ryzen and an EPYC with same specs for the same price, is there ANY reason to not pick the EPYC given it has more (Ryzen PRO level) features on paper?
    I don't thinks overclocking is something you are interested in, if you buy a server grade CPU with ECC support. Stability may be more of a concern in such applications.
    Ryzen PRO are interesting CPUs, but I have the impression they are a bit hard to get in some markets, so maybe the EPYC 4004 closes a gap in the market which shouldn't exist at all.


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      Does the EPYC 4004 family in Supermicro H13SAE-MF run 2DPC at 5200 MT/s?

      Or does 2DPC drop it down to 3600 MT/s like it would with the Ryzen 7950x and 7950x3d?


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        One more question: I see that the EPYC 4004 family's not officially supported by ESXi yet. Does anybody know how well it works?