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PowerPC 40x Processor Support To Be Dropped From The Linux Kernel

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    Originally posted by waxhead View Post

    It is but don't forget that clock cycles is not everything.. For example a 6510, 68000, PPC460, sx386 and a z80 for that matter would be vastly different if they all was running at 1Mhz for example (and of course the code would be different as well).
    Your correct, clock cycles aren't everything, but these devices all offer access to more memory, and the newer devices offer access to faster memory, things like PCI device access and more. It isn't just about the CPU, but I kept it to the CPU due to the subject of this post.


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      Originally posted by -MacNuke- View Post

      I am not talking about streaming services. I am talking about FreeTV OTA broadcasts.
      You yourself brought up the encrypted storage. It's still locked down to that device.

      VCRs and Linux OSs gave you total freedom.


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        FYI NetBSD still supports PPC 405G.

        Just found a PCI IBM AIB with a PowerPC 405G in my collection and had to do some digging - sure enough - NetBSD 10.0 continues support for this and a lot of architectures, including Itanium!


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          I also have an old debugger / dev unit with a PPC 40x… something CPU, turned it on once and then it’s been behind things on shelves. I’d say that I would take it out to tinker and put through a final benchmark run… but I do not even know where to begin with getting a Linux variant onto this.

          Gentoo is an option, ArchLinuxPOWER is an option. So I guess… I’ll just let it lie until it’s time to mess with a BSD.

          EDIT: should have edited my post above instead of accidental post-bumping
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