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OpenCL SDK for x86 CPU

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  • OpenCL SDK for x86 CPU

    I haven't seen any discussion of this here, so...

    We announced the first OpenCL SDK for x86 CPUs as part of the Stream 2.0 Beta. Runs on both Windows and Linux, with OpenSUSE 11.0 and Ubuntu 8.04 being the recommended platforms for now.

    The Stream 2.0 Beta page with download links is at :

    ... and press releases, blog posts etc... are here :
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    Six-Core AMD Opteron? processors
    Somehow I completely missed the release of these things. Not that they're in my budget, but it's interesting.

    More on-topic: is this the first OpenCL implementation released to the general public? I gather Apple and Nvidia have theirs, but they seem to be limited to approved developers.


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      There's no approval process AFAIK, you just register / log in and download. You need to register anyways for the support forums.
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        Man once that thing gets working on the SSE5 platforms planned. It's going to be so full of drool.