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Intel Releases x86-simd-sort 5.0 With 4~5x Faster C++ Object Sorting Using AVX-512

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    Originally posted by pong View Post
    I wonder how good the code optimization is for taking advantage of AVX512 -- I mean not so much that I care
    but only that if say LLVM can detect relevant use cases and optimize the generated code to use those features when it
    sees IR that it could apply to then one would think one could just have some kind of analyzer tool
    based on compiler code generation level analysis that looks for relevant spots and simply emits LINT
    or something suggesting "Hey this code area could possibly be sped up" and then people could
    attend to profiling / optimizing those areas specifically if there's something that could be done beyond
    letting the compiler optimization work.
    I think this exists.


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      Originally posted by yump View Post
      Oh man, holy excrement Batman! How did I not know this is a thing? Thank you.

      I mean, I'm not clever enough to write code with SIMD intrinsics usually, but just knowing that it's not optimal code to begin with helps. At least I can then either pass it to a smart person or look for better alternative ways to perform something.