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    Originally posted by sophisticles View Post
    I can't tell if you believe what you write.
    How do you define "deep state"?
    If i was a member of such a "institution" don't you think I would be protected?
    What is the "Psychiatric-Industrial complex"?
    Just so you understand how involuntary commitment works, a patient is brought into a hospital and examines by a Behavioral Health Counselor. If the BHC believes the patient poses an imminent risk to themselves, others or property, they call for a Psychiatrist to examine the patient. If they both agree, paperwork is filled out and the patient is involuntarily committed for 72 hours.
    Within those 72 hours the patient must be examined by a second Psychiatrist. If the second doctor agrees with the other two, commitment papers have to be prepared and sent to a judge for review and a court order to commit the patient for 30 days. If the court order is granted, the hospital has to file the medical reports, commitment papers and judge's order with the County Clerk.
    At the end of the 30 days there is a hearing, the judge that signed the order is present, the patient can have a lawyer and the doctors testify.

    Commitment is not automatic, there were times when the doctors did not agree and no commitment was possible, the patient was released.
    There were times the judge refused to sign the commitment papers and the patient was released.
    There were time that the judge at the hearing decided to release the patient, other times the decision was to either send the patient to long term care or keep them for another 30 days,
    My work, and the hospital's was scrutinized by judges on a daily basis, by the patient liaison who the hospital was required by law to have on staff and was ethical and legally bound to review a patient's case in the light most favorable to the patient, by the prosecutor's office every 90 days because we had to submit reports to them.
    The process to involuntarily commit someone in the United States is robust, with checks and balances to prevent abuse.
    I don't know what you think happens but I have nothing to worry about.
    we all know how the deep state runs the Psychiatric-Industrial complex
    here an example:

    Gustl Mollath was 7 years innocent involuntary in a psychiatric forensic clinic/Prison.
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