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AMD SoundWire Driver For Linux Coming Together

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  • AMD SoundWire Driver For Linux Coming Together

    Phoronix: AMD SoundWire Driver For Linux Coming Together

    Going back to 2016 Intel began work on the SoundWire support for Linux, the MIPI standard started in 2014 to help consolidate audio interfaces between PC and mobile hardware. In preparation for seemingly new AMD hardware coming to market with SoundWire support, AMD engineers recently began working on an AMD SoundWire driver...

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    Thank you for including the refresher Michael, that meant I didn't have to scour the web for more information!


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      I happen to have one of those laptops that have this co processor, my mic sounds so pristine on windows, but it's called 'microphone array'.

      On linux it's borderline broken, it'd be really amazing if this soundwire stuff is the reason why and this update will fix it.

      Here's what i'm talking about:

      This article is the first time I even hear about soundwire thuogh, it looks like ASUS is probably using it for my laptop but they don't actually make any mention of it anywhere, just something in the driver in the background, bet they call it something else.
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