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    Yes, indeed. The problem isn't that I don't know the CPU speed, but that I can't get cpu-freq to work, and I can't get throttling to occur. All the error messages I get relate to the cpu driver (or a lack thereof).

    I compiled the kernel myself and made sure to include all the ACPI stuff, plus the relevant power governots and the P-states driver. I also tried both with and without the Intel Enhanced Speedstep (which seems to be deprecated), to no avail.

    Most of the guides I see tell people to modprobe the module - but I've compiled mine in, so I assume it should all just be there all the time. Should recompile with all these things as modules instead?


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      Originally posted by Wingfeather View Post
      ...d I can't get throttling to occur. ....
      I had some similar issues with my overclocked system. (3.0Ghz) When I reset the bios so CPU speed was "Auto" the frequency scaling started working. (1.40Ghz and 2.7Ghz)


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        yeah, if you overclock, throttling does not work. Throttling depends in bios tables. You overclock, bios does not have fitting tables, no tables exported to the kernel, no throttling. It is really that easy

        (maybe some bios are able to generate tables for OCed cpu's - but I have yet to meet them).


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          Ah! Thanks, guys. As it turns out, I am overclocking. I hadn't thought of that. However, it does surprise me that this is the case, since throttling does appear to work under windows XP with this same setup.

          Do the two OSes use different systems for their throttling?



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            linux trusts the bios.
            you might have vendor drivers installed that help with that.