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Trying Out The BSDs On The Intel Core i9 13900K "Raptor Lake"

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    Originally posted by Nozo View Post
    This is mainly because no major web browsers officially support FreeBSD, both Chromium and Firefox builds available on FreeBSD are unofficial, most likely ports of the Linux version, hence the absence of Widevine and why you can't watch Netflix on FreeBSD even though Netflix uses it for their servers, and even if Netflix wanted FreeBSD users to be able to watch their service they couldn't because they don't own Widevine.‚Äč

    The last major web browser to support BSDs was Opera when it used its Presto engine, but once they switched to Chromium/Blink they dropped support, and the reason is that apart from the few users using those platforms, Chromium never officially supported FreeBSD. or any of the other BSDs, so they can't provide support anyway.
    Yep. But it illustrates how skewed/unreliable ' BSD market share' percentages could be..


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      FreeBSD works on Raptor Lake as far as I know, you're just encountering ASUS's dodgy firmware that defines ConIn and ConInDev but no ConOut and so leaves OSes having to guess at where to send output. In this case FreeBSD previously sent all the output to only the serial console, hence why the boot was suddenly very quiet, but this has since been altered to work on such machines. See

      Also probably worth pointing out that trying 13.1-RELEASE, a version released in May 2022, on a processor released in October 2022 isn't always the best thing to do; it would have been worth at least testing a 14.0-CURRENT snapshot as that has some hope of developers having obtained hardware themselves and fixed issues.