I plan to purchase a new workstation/PC for my thesis (am mechanical engineer). Since there's plenty of dedicated benchmark covering from video editing to HPC, which I do not quite understand, I'd please like to ask for some help, which benchmarks are the most appropriate for me to look at, so I'll be able to compare workstations and buy the most appropriate one for my tasks.

So my work is comprehending programming (golang on ubuntu), mainly numerical methods/equations, using linear/non-linear regression, doing integration & differentiation of time series, in overall programming of math stuff. Important thing to mention is that analyses comprehend lot's of big files reading. Common task is parallel buffered file reading/streaming, and performing the above mentioned numerical tasks.

I've checked the benchmarks, e.g. of 13900K reviews, and the most appropriate benchmarks for me would be within the "HPC Workloads" and "Linux HPC Benchmarks" sections, but I am not sure as they're so specific and I'm very much layman in this regards. So any comment, feedback or opinions would be very much appreciated. Thank you.‚Äč