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Installing i7 on p6t se, how much force?

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  • Installing i7 on p6t se, how much force?


    i'm trying to install i7 920 on asus p6t se. It seems that
    closing the metal chassis and the lever requires too much force, because when i press really hard the chassis, I hear a "crushing sound", which is scary. I checked that the pins are okay after I heard this noice and was too nervous to close the lever all the way. Also, the metal chassis over the socket is really loose, should it be fastened tightly on the mobo?

    I have cheched that the alignment keys are in the holes and the golden triangle is on the lever corner. The cpu is pretty much aligned with the socket, but i think it could be better.

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    Well, I saw some video on youtube of a guy forcing it close, so maybe it is normal. So I just used a lot of force and despite the worrysome crushing noice it did close fine, without any cracking of cpu. Have to see if it works...


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      I'm seeing the exact same thing, the lever is very very hard to snap down. I went ahead and locked it in place, and now when I boot up my newly assembled system I get a CPU over temperature error either right after the bios screen or right before depending on how many times and how recently I've powered on. The system then shuts off. Going to take it all apart and try again, maybe I didn't get the fan installed quite right.

      Did your system boot up ok after forcing the lever down?


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        Re-installing the CPU fan fixed the problem for me. Intalled vista and everything is working great.

        My lever was very hard to snap in place--I guess it's supposed to be like that. In fact, releasing it popped my fingernail really hard and hurt quuite a bit.


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          Windows Vista? What a waste of good hardware...


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            Vista is much better than XP for systems with powerful processors and lots of RAM, like any i7 system. Linux is best, though.


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              any problems with linux/open solaris?

              Could someone please varify that this works (networking/sound in particular) under linux, and also if anyone have had the chanse to try open solaris.

              Looking to buy this board hopefully real soon