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AMD, Google, Microsoft & NVIDIA Announce "Caliptra" Open-Source Root of Trust

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    Originally posted by Mat2 View Post
    The user and not the hardware vendor should be able to decide which code runs on their devices. I especially won't trust Google here, which supports denying access to applications for users with rooted Android devices (Google SafetyNet a.k.a corporate Digital Restrictions Management).
    IMHO YES, The user should be empowered by the hardware vendor(s) to make decisions on what code is running.
    If I want some code to run, my hardware vendors NEED to facilitate the code running more efficiently, more securely, easier to apply updates without things breaking. I NEED to trust the hardware vendor so that when they give me update software I trust that I will not breaking something on my system.

    I do not care if I am asking for something unreasonable. This is what I want. What hardware vendors are going to give me this?


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      May someone could tell me where can i find the Caliptra open source? THANK A LOT!!!


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        Originally posted by sdack View Post
        I could not care less whether Microsoft or Google are on board, but both Intel and Arm seem to be missing. Also curious is that although Nvidia is being mentioned here did Nvidia in fact not contribute to the specification and only AMD, Microsoft and Google are being listed on the document and its revision history.
        May I ask a question that where can I find the Caliptra code? Looking forward to your reply, THANKS A LOT!


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          Originally posted by linuxgeex View Post
          I'm one of the most sceptical people you'll ever meet.
          No, I think you're just a liar. Unless you live in a bubble you can't be one of the most skeptical people and then go on in the same paragraph to make a bunch of pro-GMO arguments. You even think you're making a neutral argument because you don't realize the difference between breeding and GMOs. Real critics realize at least the many arguments critics have against this fraudulent technology they're calling GMO. I'm not getting into it because there are basically unlimited anti-GMO books at this point you can easily look up... But shills come out of the wood work anytime big companies get together to undermine root-of-trust and how ironic that you bring up other topics which are professionally shilled for (which are totally unrelated like GMO) in the same thread! Maybe they end up hiring the same shills across topics, who knows... What I do know from your comments is it is very unlikely that even you think you're the most skeptical people we'd ever meet - at minimum that's a white lie.


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            Originally posted by make_adobe_on_Linux! View Post
            No, I think you're just a liar.
            I shouldn't have to point this out to you, but slinging slurs vs debating things on merit speaks to your character, not mine.

            I'll forgive you because you don't know me, and because I encourage everyone to use their own judgement. So you can disagree with me. But ad-hominem is not appreciated.

            But sometimes, I admit that I do enjoy sitting back with popcorn when two trolls have at it. And I'm sure I'm not alone lol.
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              Originally posted by carpe1999 View Post
              May I ask a question that where can I find the Caliptra code? Looking forward to your reply, THANKS A LOT!
              Read the document mentioned in the article.