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AMD Ryzen 9 7950X "Zen 4" Rocks On Intel's Clear Linux

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    Interesting results! Would have love see a game or two to compare, for instance the last total war, hitman. but that's already a lot of work. Thanks Michael


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      Originally posted by birdie View Post

      I'm not a fan of anything in this world other than common sense, logic, cold rationale and the scientific approach but I'm not perfect either because I'm driven by the genes I've inherited from a billion of years of evolution, e.g. I cannot stop loving a person who has long dumped me but at least with this love I'm not setting the world on fire, I don't create or participate in conflicts, and I try to help people who've lost their rational mind. And I will die long before I understand why people create idols for themselves, no matter if it's a company, operating system, or particular person or everything above.

      Choose products! Choose quality! Chose traits! Choose life!
      I have to admit this comment of yours is quite sane..


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        Originally posted by birdie View Post
        I've long wanted to post this picture and finally I'm doing it.

        HWiNFO64 sensors information for Ryzen 7 5800X under Windows.

        Now compare that to Linux:
        Adapter: PCI adapter
        Tctl: +42.1°C
        Tccd1: +35.2°C
        Stop BS'ing
        Somebody should fuzz the k10temp driver or something and discover the 38 missing sensors...


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          Originally posted by loganj View Post
          will all 7000 cpus have avx 512? or only desktop version? or maybe just the high end of the 7000?
          The entire desktop range and the server range use the exact same CCD so they'll all have AVX512. Not sure if the ones with monolithic dies will though.


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            Originally posted by birdie View Post

            I'm always fucking astonished how fans of any company create a nice warm fuzzy bubble for themselves where their company is the best in the world, it cares about its consumers while all its competitors are evil profit driven con artists.

            Well, sorry to break it to you:

            I saw that report too. And Intel laying off thousands? Damn. Times be tough yo.

            I did expect AMD to trip out of the gate actually but not this badly. There should have been more fanfare for Zen 4 but I think a lot of folks looked at their early X670 MoBo offering costs and were like "You want HOW MUCH for a new motherboard? In this economy? Have you lost you fucking mind!?" Sucks for AMD that globally things are shitty and the inflation everywhere is nuts. No, it didn't go unnoticed that only a small >handful< of MoBo makers brought something to market near launch date where as there's usually a dozen or more at launch date.

            A lot of people, me included, are not wanting to get bitten by the Early Adopter issues. Let them fix all the issues first. I admit, the heat issue concerns me on the higher end models. I need an as close to silent setup as possible. I think there's a wait-and-see group of people who want the prices to come down and are waiting on the cheaper B650/B650E boards to get vetted before sinking $1,000 on a new and unproven arch. I set aside $800 for RAM, board and low-end CPU 10+ months ago but it seems even that's not enough to buy a decent entry level spec setup as of today.

            No, AMD flew a bit too close to the sun on this one. Gonna wait 3-6 months for things to shake out and prices to come down. If the CPU and MoBo field still looks as desolate as it does today in 3-6 months, I might just get a low end Intel system if the price/perf meets my needs and call it a day.


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              I wish Debian / Ubuntu would use more of Clear Linux optimizations!


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                Is Clear Linux realistically usable for a general distro for Firefox, LibreOffice, mpv, Wine Staging (has to be distro-packaged and not Proton/GE/tkg/Lutris), and Steam with Proton?


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                  What compiler was used for Windows though?


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                    Originally posted by Spring View Post
                    What compiler was used for Windows though?
                    All the official Windows binaries.
                    Michael Larabel


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                      Originally posted by Myownfriend View Post

                      Okay, Volta. You need help, too. Calm down. "Nfuckdia" is also really immature, console war stuff.
                      Yeah, both Volta and Birdie are toxic af. But hey, this place is much nore vivid that way!