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Linux 6.0 Drops Support For Old NEC VR4100 MIPS CPUs Found In The IBM WorkPad & More

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    Originally posted by stormcrow View Post

    Guess you never heard of RTFA?
    Quote where it says it's broken? "Impossible to maintain" and "not being able to verify" do not qualify. You don't fucking need to maintain something that works.

    If it broke compilation that's another thing entirely.


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      Why should the upstream kernel support a device thats 30 years old and no sane person would even try to run modern linux on ? And even the developers have no longer access to.

      if you look at the developement cycles the kernels are allready old when you get your device and oem´s hardly ever update, my miui 12.5 still runs on a 4.19 kernel the software is allready old when a device gets released and never gets maintained after, and xiaomi is allready one of the more update happy companies the phone i have now got the update from android 10 to android 11 still hope for 12 but that probably wont happen.