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AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D On Linux: Not For Gaming, But Very Exciting For Other Workloads

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    Originally posted by ddriver View Post
    And now do a 16 core 192 mb cache 5999x - am4 can handle it! Even with dual mem channels only, this thing will be a beast for hpc - a 1000$ seems a fair price.
    Originally posted by jaxa View Post
    Not happening.
    Even if AMD could have wedged 2x96MB into an 5950X3D AM4 cpu within the 105w power/heat budget while maintaining high clocks ... it would step on 12/16c Threadripper space, and even fight the lowest end EPYCs, so that's a no-go in the product planning I'd guess. I'm also guessing the 5800X3D is going to be quite limited production, but I could be wrong.

    Both companies top half dozen CPU are plenty for gaming, imho. To me, the main story for the 5800X3D is the better minimums / latency that a larger cache can afford, that's why I bought one.