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QEMU 7.0 Released With Intel AMX Support, Many RISC-V Additions

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    Can someone tell me something more about -display dbus?
    ## VGA ##
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      Originally posted by darkbasic View Post
      Can someone tell me something more about -display dbus?
      dbus is a more generic way of communication, it allows 3rd parties to easily build apps that interface with qemu, without needing to be included in qemu. (IE. you need to compile qemu with GTK3 support, SDL support Spice support etc.) when you can now compile qemu with just dbus support (won't happen for a while don't worry) and any apps that support dbus interface (like the mentioned GTK4 app) will be able to be distributed seperately and work with minimal overhead.

      this is actually fairly big deal, one usecase for this is VDI. VDI on qemu right now is fairly... crap for lower end usecase. you pretty much need video acceleration when dealing with anything more than 10s of clients unless you want significant cpu overhead or significant bandwidth overhead, and currently the solution is to passthrough a GPU to the VM to do it. which is fine for bigger users, but especially with vulkan venus, VDI potential for the end user is quite high right now.

      This will allow any 3rd party to implement their own solution fairly with far greater ease. instead of trying to shove it into spice. they can just make their own app that interfaces with the dbus API for remote interfaces.

      another use is local use, currently spice, SDL, and GTK3 are the goto for local use. dbus should be able to supplant that. (and in my experience the test app works pretty ok) as it can offer the same features as spice, low overhead etc.

      EDIT: as for the VDI thing, not sure if there is any interest, I haven't seen it, and sadly i don't have the skills, time or money to do it myself lol. and with lack of virtio-gpu venus support and no virtio-vdec in the guest I doubt it has too much interest yet. despite potential being there. (virtio-wl would also be really, really cool too if it could be implemented too)
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        Originally posted by Anux View Post
        I found a long fixed bug report from 6 years ago, talking about no IDE for PPC:
        But hard to believe that would still be present in 20.04.
        Maybe you can check with a newer PPA version if the problem got fixed. Else a bug report might help.
        I can't see anything about PPC in this report, and this is about PIIX3 anyway, which is an x86 southbridge - nothing to do with PPC. It definitely isn't a problem with virt-manager, as the underlying error can be seen to be from libvirt. I should get around to reporting it soon, hopefully. I need to do some more digging first, though.